Bellawood Hardwood Floor Cleaner, 32-ounce

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Designed for the maintenance of hardwood, laminate, ceramic, or vinyl floors. Ready-to-use spray formula. Leaves hardwood floors looking like new without streaky residue and gives them a fresh ‘out of the box’ glow.

I bought this for my wife just hoping it would cover the main part of the floor. I really didn’t expect much knowing how difficult programming is to get a device like this to cover under objects, around corners and the baseboard. I was pleasantly surprised! The only thing I have found so far that hung up the mint was a child’s pedal car. The Mint got stuck under the car because of the slowly sloping undercarriage. This is not the normal object. The Mint does fine against furniture and under the edge of things normally. I was so impressed I decided to try the Mint in a cluttered work room. I really expected it to either get hung up or lost but it surprised me again. I decided to make the attached video to show these abilities to people.

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