Calphalon D812 Commercial Hard Anodized 12-Quart Stockpot with Lid

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  • Original Calphalon hard anodized aluminum for superior conductivity
  • Perfect surface for searing, browing, deglazing, carmelizing or any other classic technique, a truly versatile cooking surface
  • Extremely durable, metal utensil recommended
  • “Cool V” handles stay cooler with regular stovetop use.
  • Lifetime warranty

Great tastes come to those who wait. Calphalon stock pots are ideal for stews, stock, chili and other moist-cooked dishes. Heavy-gauge aluminum is responsive to temperature changes, whether you’re slowly simmering or rapidly boiling. Calphalon’s stock pots are designed for easy cooking, easy cleanup and maximum performance. Add a stainless insert for your pasta-making pleasure.Calphalon Commercial hard-anodized pans are made for the more serious cook who is looking for kitchenware built to last a lifetime. This large-size, 12-quart stockpot is good for soup, stews, and pasta, and its heavy-gauge aluminum construction also stands up to deep frying. The looped handles are easy to grip and stay cooler than you might expect, thanks to V-shaped splits where they meet the pan, but it’s still a good idea to keep hot pads nearby. The nonporous and nonreactive hard-anodized surface resists sticking and doesn’t affect the flavor or color of food. It’s also tough enough to handle stainless-steel

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5 Responses to “Calphalon D812 Commercial Hard Anodized 12-Quart Stockpot with Lid”

  1. Mary Wehmeier says:

    Review by Mary Wehmeier for Calphalon D812 Commercial Hard Anodized 12-Quart Stockpot with Lid
    I have owned this pot for over 6 years, er now over 9 years and it gets used all the time. Coming from a professional resturant family, I knew about the Calphalon Commercial Hard Anodized line we used in the resturant– and how they perform. So buying one for home use just meant saving up enough $$ to purchase it, but at this price I’m buying another one! They are well worth the money.

    This pot is very user friendly as it can do everything from Soup, spagetti sauce to large batches of jelly and jam, or corn on the cob for a small army of diners. We’ve even used it to boil 2-3 small lobsters without a hitch.


    A few other reviewers have mentioned a couple things I’d like to set straight.

    1. NEVER EVER put this pot in the dishwasher. It will void the warranty. Calphalon tells you wash it by hand in the sink with hot water. Calphalon tells you in the instructions you can use 3M Pot Scrubbers and Comet Cleanser on the pan. This will remove any and all food residue, in order to keep it from sticking. Clean or Treating it about every 3-4 washings with Dormond Cleanser is recommended by Calphalon to return the pan to it’s like new condition. Normally soaking the pot by filling it with dish soap and hot water releases most sticky food.

    2. For those reviewers who commented about warped lids and problems, Calphalon does take their warranty seriously. Call the company (get the number off their website,) and tell them your problems and don’t take no for an answer. I do agree that since some Calphalon has been made overseas vs the old time stock out of Ohio, the quality has been spotty at times. But this is where you get the opportunity to speak up and tell them exactly what you think. (I personally have bought every piece of Ohio made Calphalon I can find, it is superior.) But I’ve returned a poorly made lid and other problems and never had a problem. If you first don’t like the answer you get, Write the CEO/President of the company a letter. It will get action if you explain your problem and tell them what you exspect of them to do make it right. They are used to dealing with the expections of professional chefs.

    In our house we do not like the idea of using a non-stick pan and have never had a problem with these Hard Anodized pans and food sticking. The trick is getting the pan hot enough with the proper oil or liquid before you begin adding additional items to cook.

    The major problem most people have is understanding HOW to cook with these pans. It really pays to read the instruction booklet that comes with the pans. It will save you countless grief and make you a much better cook/chef.

    And we still love it and it’s twin that’s now going on 4 years old!

  2. Zon Mundhenk says:

    Review by Zon Mundhenk for Calphalon D812 Commercial Hard Anodized 12-Quart Stockpot with Lid
    I recieved this item as a wedding gift, and have found it to be the greatest stockpot in the world for so many things: from huge batches of pasta to ham-hock soup to turning my tomato harvest into several gallons of sauce, this pot has never let me down. Why? the thick, anodized aluminum ensures even heat. It stands up to all day slow cooking of highly acidic tomatoes without staining. The handles are large and sturdy enough even for my huge, sometimes clumsy hands to grip. The lid stays on but allows steam to vent; I never have to worry about a kitchen “explosion” onto the stove. And the whole thing is so sturdy it stands up any abuse I dish out: dropping, stabbing, three day soaks, without a stain, dent or complaint. I highly reccomend this product for anyone from beginning cooks to experienced chefs.

  3. fair_deal_guy says:

    Review by fair_deal_guy for Calphalon D812 Commercial Hard Anodized 12-Quart Stockpot with Lid
    This stockpot is the last one you’ll ever buy. It is so well-constructed, so solid, and so well crafted it will last for generations. The cooking performance is superb. It conducts heat well (it’s made of aluminum) and distributes it evenly to ensure good results even on high heat. I’ve used it for soups, stews, cassoulets, and canning and in every instance it outperforms every other pot of its kind I’ve ever tried. People may question the price, but trust me, the four other stockpots I’ve owned collectively cost a lot more and did a lot less. Spend the money and get yourself a once-in-a-lifetime pot that will serve your needs for good. This is a true bargain in every regard.

  4. J. Donovan says:

    Review by J. Donovan for Calphalon D812 Commercial Hard Anodized 12-Quart Stockpot with Lid
    I know that genuine Calphalon hard anodized cookware is as good as cookware can be and is likely to last forever with a minimum of simple care. But this made in China 12 quart stockpot is of such poor quality I can only assume that it is a fake/knock-off. It is so thin that it flexs, something that NONE of my other pieces of Calphalon can do (even their lids!). The surface finish is rough, almost raw, barely smooth enough to touch without getting a metal splinter. The anodizing appears very thin, even incomplete. My USA made hard anodized pieces (I have almost 30 Calphalon pieces, not counting their lids) have a glassy smooth surface texture and deep gray homogenous anodizing. The quality of the anaodized surface is what makes Calphalon such a great cooking surface and gives it the non-reactive properties that lets it accomodate any type of acidic foods safely. This Chinese produced pot damages Calphalons reputation from my point of view. If this is really a Calphalon product, shame on the executives and quality control managers responsible for risking the company’s legendary reputation by allowing that name to be used on junk. Yes, junk. I would not have purchased this inferior pot at any price upon examination. I will continue to buy Caphalon cookware only if it continues to deliver that quality and performance the company is known for.

  5. Greg A. says:

    Review by Greg A. for Calphalon D812 Commercial Hard Anodized 12-Quart Stockpot with Lid
    I bought this stockpot because the coating is supposed to make the aluminum non-reactive with foods that are acidic like tomato sauce. The first time I used the pot was to make sauce with the tomatoes that I had spent all summer growing in my garden only to have the coating come right off the bottom and sides of the pot and leave me with a bitter tasting sauce. Not only did the pot not work as advertised, but, it wasted a whole summer’s worth of work in the garden, too. Calphalon said that happens sometimes, but, that it isn’t supposed to. They will replace the pot if I pay to mail it back to them and write an explanation. Save your money, time, and effort – buy something else instead.

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