Dyson Groom Tool / Clean Up Kit

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  • Self Cleans. Mess free vacuum assisted grooming
  • Zorb powder
  • Zorb groomer
  • Stiff bristle brush
  • 1 yr warranty

The Dyson Groom Tool / Cleanup Kit Includes: Dyson Groom Tool
Self cleans. Mess free vacuum assisted grooming.

Provides dog owners with a way to help keep their home clean of dog hair. It attaches directly to the hose of your Dyson vacuum cleaner, and allows you to brush loose hair directly from your dog’s coat. At the release of a button, the collected hair is hygienically sucked into the vacuum, without the mess of conventional dog grooming tools.

The Dyson groom tool removes loose dog hair using it’s 364 slicker bristles. The bristles are angled at 35° and flex to an upright position when you apply pressure allowing them to penetrate the dog’s coat. Different breeds have different length coats, so bristle length is adjustable using the spring-loaded trigger. The bristles safely and hygienically retract for storage when not in use. The Dyson Groom tool fits all Dyson vacuum cleaners except DC01, DC21, Dyson Motorhead machines, and handhelds.

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