Electrolux Ultra Silencer Deep Clean Canister Vacuum

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  • Sealed HEPA Filtration
  • Multi-Surface Deep Clean Powerhead
  • Ultra Quiet
  • Cleans Carpets & BareFloors
  • On-Board Tools Included

The EL7060 also provides superior cleaning power. Equipped with a 12 amp motor, the Deep Clean power head uses a high-suction motor for deep down removal of dirt, debris, and pet dander. With its direct suction system, this canister vacuum is able to hold up to 2 quarts of dust. It is recommended for all surfaces as it is able to pick up all kinds of dirt, be it bare floors or carpets. The 7 inch hose enables you to carry this compact vacuum around the house to cover greater cleaning area.The canister is 68db. The Electrolux Ultrasilencer Deep Clean canister vacuum is a very powerful machine. While most people relate powerful with noisy, Electrolux has been able to overcome that with its new double hull construction and sound absorbing technology to ensure a quiet cleaning experience. High performance cleaning power, without the noise. The UltraSilencer DeepClean is perhaps the quietest vacuum cleaner ever produced.

DeepClean power head delivers superior cleaning performance

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