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  • Nine piece bakeware set includes all the necessary pans for a well equipped kitchen
  • Inexpensive set is perfect for bakers on a budget
  • EZ Baker pans are great for bakers looking to bake on natural surfaces and avoid non-stick coatings
  • EZ Baker pans heat evenly for perfect baking results
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The EZ Baker Nine Piece Bakeware Set includes all the essential pans needed for the busy bakers kitchen. Each set includes two 8 inch Round Cake Pans, two 9 inch Deep Pie Pans, a 13.2 inch x 9.2 inch Cookie Pan, a 7.6 inch x 7.6 inch Square Cake Pan, a 11 inch x 7 inch Biscuit/Brownie Pan, a 8.4 inch x 4.4 inch x 2.7 inch Bread and Loaf Pan, a 6-Cup Muffin Pan. Each pan is made of uncoated, electrolytic tin plated steel and is a great alternative for bakers looking for a natural baking surface. Pans heat evenly to ensure golden brown baking results each and every time. Made in the U.S.A.

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Circulon Non Stick Metal 3-Piece Bakeware Set Reviews

Circulon Non Stick Metal 3-Piece Bakeware Set Reviews

Our 10-inch by 15-inch cookie pan is designed to fit into all ovens, including smaller wall ovens. The nonstick surface makes cleanup easy and allows you to bake cookies without greasing the pan. This pan has a shallow lip around the edge of the pan, making it suitable for jobs beyond baking, such as roasting vegetables.

Technical Details

-TOTAL Nonstick System outlasts all other bakeware nonsticks – guaranteed!
-Baked foods release with ease and cleanup is effortless
-Perfect even baking performance
-Oven safe to 500°F/260°C
-Lifetime Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

Customer Reviews

By M. Newman (Starkville, MS USA)
These pans are fantastic! I can’t believe the low price I paid for this three-piece set. Last night, we made chicken wings, complete with sauce. On most pans this would have been a sticky, messy, clean-up. With these, no problem. This is the third circulon product we have purchased. We have been very happy with all three.

By Shannon (Virginia Beach, VA)
After researching and researching to

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5 Responses to “EZ Baker Nine Piece Bakeware Set low price”

  1. Andrea says:

    Review by Andrea for EZ Baker Nine Piece Bakeware Set

    my money is wasted on this set.


  2. Jimmy Stacy says:

    Review by Jimmy Stacy for EZ Baker Nine Piece Bakeware Set
    These are very lightweight, poorly constructed pans. one of the round ones was so thin, that it has holes right through at the bend between the side wall and the bottom. I did not even bother to return because they were so cheap. I would not recommend them to anyone.

  3. Nedra Bolder says:

    Review by Nedra Bolder for EZ Baker Nine Piece Bakeware Set
    For the price, its a pretty good deal. I was disappointed to find that they rust and hold spots really easily.

  4. Deann Burgess says:

    Review by Deann Burgess for EZ Baker Nine Piece Bakeware Set
    This is a Christams gift for our daughter. And it has everything to bake but a pizza pan and I give her that already. It looks like it’s a very good set. For somebody just starting out on her own.

  5. Christina says:

    Review by Christina for EZ Baker Nine Piece Bakeware Set
    I bought these as a gift for someone. I thought they’d be bigger, that was my only real shock when I opened the box. I wasn’t expecting top of the line product, just something that would serve it’s purpose for the gift recipient I bought them for. I was looking for something functional and something considered for an entry level person. This was perfect for my gifting needs.

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