Farberware Classic 1 Quart Covered Straining Saucepan

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  • “Full Cap” Base Advantage – Now a stainless steel protector surrounds a thicker aluminum core for easy maintenance and better heat distribution. Since the entire surface is stainless steel, cleanup is easier. Enjoy a lifetime of beauty.
  • Unique straining lids and classically styled phenolic handles are oven safe up to 350°F / 180°C.
  • Durable stainless steel construction – dishwasher safe
  • Thicker, rolled pan rims for extra durability, enhanced drip-free pouring and easy handling.
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

A clever design for straining, pouring or covered cooking. The lid has a deep rim with optional straining holes. To strain, line the holes up with the pan’s pour spouts and strain with ease. For covered cooking, rotate the lid to close the holes and moisture will stay inside the pan. To pour, remove the lid and use the pour spouts that are built into the pan body.

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Most of the saucepans are designed to last for years. Due to this aspect, they are quite an investment when it comes to their purchase. Therefore, one has to consider both the looks and the practicality of the saucepan. The wrong choice can lead to frustrations, added expenses as well as inefficiency in the cooking process. There is quite a wide range of prices and styles to choose from hence one should never be in a hurry when purchasing the saucepan sets.


The first thing that you should look for in a saucepan is the material used in the making. With many manufacturing venturing in this business, many differentiations in the saucepans have kicked in. Some cookware pans are made of poor quality materials that will not last for long. The best material for the saucepans is the stainless steel or a heavy-gauge aluminum, which has no oxidizing surface. Make sure that the thickness especially at the bottom is thick for better efficiency and durability. 


Another feature that has to be looked at is the handles of the

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5 Responses to “Farberware Classic 1 Quart Covered Straining Saucepan”

  1. Mary E. Van Wart says:

    Review by Mary E. Van Wart for Farberware Classic 1 Quart Covered Straining Saucepan
    I hate having a kettle taking up space on the stovetop all of the time, so this pot is great because it can do double duty. I use it for boiling water for tea, and the little spout makes it excellent for that – no more splashing boiling water all over! I also love it for cooking frozen vegetables, or small quantities of pasta – the straining holes in the lid eliminate the need for a colander, and therefore another dirty dish! And of course, as always, quality from Farberware.

  2. GLORYGIRL says:

    Review by GLORYGIRL for Farberware Classic 1 Quart Covered Straining Saucepan
    My pots and pans had worn out. I needed to replace some. So I looked online and Amazon.com had the best for the least amount of money.

    It is a fantastic pan, and cleans up very well. Just having a lid that fits, and even helps to drain the vegetables I cook in it, without having them go down the drain is a big plus. I have had it for two years now, and it is every bit as shiny as when I first got it. I use it every day.

    Great pan for cooking soups, vegetables and or hot cocoa.

    It is very versatile.

  3. Melanie Ann Bianchi says:

    Review by Melanie Ann Bianchi for Farberware Classic 1 Quart Covered Straining Saucepan
    Farberware makes good cookware and this is no exception. It’s made very well and the little pour spout is a small detail but it makes this pot so much nicer to use. Good quality at a great price.

  4. Carrie M. Hart says:

    Review by Carrie M. Hart for Farberware Classic 1 Quart Covered Straining Saucepan
    this covered straining saucepan is small, but as advertised. the only thing I don’t like about it, is it doesn’t have the protective coating on the handle like the other faberware pots and pans.

  5. Kristin Cesarek says:

    Review by Kristin Cesarek for Farberware Classic 1 Quart Covered Straining Saucepan
    This is a great little saucepan. It is good for making small amounts of pasta. It is easy to strain out all the water. I am very happy with it.

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