How To Start Up A Home Appliance Repair Business

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The way that Baker Business ManualsĀ© provides information regarding a particular industry is unique. The problem with many business start-up books is that they do one of two things:

1) They either present information unique to operating a business in a particular industry with little guidance in providing a step-by-step approach as to how and in what order to complete certain tasks, or

2) They present specific information about a specific business function or process such as writing a business plan or raising capital but do very little in bringing the entire process together.

Although many federal, state and local government resources are very helpful, they tend to be scattered in so many different places and across so many different government agency websites that it can be a very difficult process in figuring out how to go about using the information and resources provided.

In addition, there are very good business service providers which exist to help i

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