Inexpensive Chuckit! Ultra Ball, Medium, 2 Balls

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  • Durable dog ball perfect for fetching
  • Made from natural high-bounce rubber
  • Great for pools and ponds
  • Easy to clean
  • Works with medium Chuckit! Ball Launchers

Designed for the most demanding use, this is no ordinary ball. Simply put, this is the best ball for the game of fetch. The Chuckit! Ultra Ball promises to outplay the ordinary! It bounces higher, flies farther, and floats higher than most other balls. Use Medium Ultra Balls with all Medium Chuckit! Ball Launchers – Chuckit!, Chuckit! Jr., Chuckit! Ultra, Chuckit! Pocket, Chuckit! 18M, and Chuckit! 25M Ball Launchers.

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