Inexpensive Graniteware Covered Round Roaster low price

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  • Carbon steel construction
  • Safer than foil roasters
  • Brown better and cook more evenly
  • Porcelain surface is naturally nonstick
  • Made in USA

Granite Ware roasters are at the center of any meal or special gathering. Made of carbon steel construction for strength and much stronger and safer than foil type pans. It will brown better and cook more evenly than other roasters. The porcelain surface is naturally nonstick and contains no harmful chemicals. Dishwasher safe. Holds up to a 3 pound poultry / roast. 9.75 x 5.75. Black

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Stainless Steel Roaster Pans

Stainless Steel Roaster Pans

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Stainless Steel Roaster Pans

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