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  • Pre-seasoned heavy cast-iron skillet
  • Superior heat retention and even cooking
  • Two handles for heavy lifting
  • 12 inches in diameter, 2 inches deep
  • Heirloom pan for kitchen or camping

Seasoned, ready to use. This 12 inch skillet is a kitchen’s most essential item. The even heating of cast iron is necessary for golden, tender, perfectly pan-fried chicken. What other cookware can rival the heat retention, versatility, value and durability of cast iron.Pancakes, eggs, and bacon somehow taste extra hearty when cooked in a heavy cast-iron skillet. Cast iron creates superior heat retention, heats evenly, and loves a campfire, unlike flimsier pans. Fry up a mess of catfish, roast a chicken, or bake an apple crisp in this generous 12-inch pan that features two handles for heavy lifting, and two subtle side lips for pouring. While the skillet comes preseasoned to prevent food from sticking, it works best when sprayed or lightly coated with vegetable oil before use. Whether used in a kitchen or camp, this virtually indestructible pan should last for generations.–Ann Bieri

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Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Skillets

To insure only the best in cooking, every kitchen must be furnished with the proper arsenal to accomplish the job. The skillet seems to be one of the most essential armors contained in the arsenal. Skillets, commonly called frying pans or frypans, are used for frying, searing and browning food.

Traditionally, frying pans were made of cast iron. Today, they are made from a variety of materials. The popular choice of professional chefs and cooking gurus is the stainless steel skillet. This frypan is made up of a steel containing chromium that is resistant to corrosion.

There is a wide array of brands, models, sizes, weight and prices that you can choose in buying a stainless skillet. Electric stainless steel skillet and non-stick stainless steel skillet are also available. Sizes are from 8” to 16”; prices also differ from .00 to the more expensive kind. Other features vary according to your purpose in buying.

The advantages of using stainless steel skillets are:

1. There are many stylish designs you will be proud to display in your kitchen;

2. It is perfect for roasting, grilling, stewing, sautéing, searing, frying,

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5 Responses to “Inexpensive Lodge Logic L10SK3 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet low price”

  1. Ron Atkins says:

    Review by Ron Atkins for Lodge Logic L10SK3 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
    I own several Lodge cast iron products and use them everyday. I have 3 teeneage boys that enjoy cooking, and after they destroyed a few teflon coated pans, I decided I would go heavy into cast iron. These pans are indestructible. You can use them in the oven or stovetop, and if you keep it seasoned properly food will not stick. Also, to avoid sticking problems, you may want to remember to allow the pan to get hot before applying oil or food.As to seasoning, the Logic line now comes preseasoned. But don’t make a big deal about this. To season a cast iron skillet simply coat it lightly with oil and bake it for a half hour or so. I have also seasoned these skillets on the stovetop. Cast iron is also great because it does not easily scrap like stainless steel and aluminum pots. Aluminum pans are painful to me, as my teeth fillings react to the aluminum. With cast iron, you won’t have this problem. I also take my Lodge pan camping and set it right over the coals to cook. No melted handles or scorched bottoms to mess with.

  2. D. Horton says:

    Review by D. Horton for Lodge Logic L10SK3 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
    Let me start by saying we have a kitchen full of 20+ pieces of Calphalon Hard Annodized Commercial cookware. I was always of the opinion that quality cookware carried a price that was justified by the performace of the cookware. So I thought if I wanted cast iron I should look at LeCreuset… wrong! Lodge blew that theory out the window! I can’t express how well this simple pan works. Let it get hot and it will hold the temp like nothing else, oven to cooktop. I finally decided to get a good cast iron skillet after hearing Alton Brown (Host of Good Eats – …- TV Food Network – …) rave about cast iron for the last few years. He steared me to Lodge, Lodge’s web site ( told me about the pre-seasoned “Logic” line. This stuff makes cast iron simple. No messing around with seasoning a new pan. Simple care instructions. And clear instructions to reseason should the need occur. At the price these pans sell, there is no excuse to not have one, (or more) in your kitchen. It will soon become your favorite pan. I bought a 5 quart Lodge Logic Dutch Oven at the same time and it is fantastic as well!

  3. D. Rizzo says:

    Review by D. Rizzo for Lodge Logic L10SK3 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
    I own three pieces of cast iron cookware, and this item is one of them… and among my favorite cooking implements, period. In fact, I use this skillet most of all, and it doesn’t even have a place in a cabinet! I keep it on the stove permanently, for that is how often I use it.Beware that cast iron is not a quickie-cooking component (it takes time for the iron to heat, and it takes experience to gauge the iron’s “perfect temperature” for sensitive dishes), but for dishes requiring steady, even heat and for cooks who require durable cookware with easy clean-up, cast iron CANNOT be beat!This skillet is going to last forever. Its care is easy: I scrub it with hot water only, and dry it with an old rag and apply a thin layer of vegetable oil while the iron is still hot… a year and a half later, it’s still rust-free and delivering the reliable service I have come to expect and admire. No scratches interfere with its performance, as is the case with my allegedly-long-lasting Wearever nonstick cookware set (what a waste of money THAT was!). Heck, I even use my cast-iron skillet for CREPES, and that’s saying something! Despite the pan’s weight, it’s an immeasurably better nonstick crepe-cooker than teflon. In fact, I use my cast iron cookware for everything from french fries to spaghetti sauce to eggs and bacon to french toast! It’s a dependable griddle, skillet, grill, and pot, and it goes right from the stovetop and into the oven for maximum versatility. I am an avid home-chef, and I can say without exception that my cast-iron cookware is the best kitchen investment I’ve ever made.

  4. Tom says:

    Review by Tom for Lodge Logic L10SK3 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
    Cast iron skillets, and Dutch Ovens are probably the most versatile pans you can own; it’s a fact that fights have actually broken out in families over who is going to inherit the heirloom cast iron cookware after a loved one passes. Lodge Manufacturing, in South Pittsburg, Tennessee produces some of the last cast iron pieces to actually be made in America. They also happen to make the best in the world. They produce the only type of skillet I’ve seen that can go from the stovetop, right into the oven, and then onto the table. In addition, these pans can be used with great success over an open fire while camping, something no other cookware can do. Since this skillet comes preseasoned, you get to skip the job of seasoning the pan before it’s first use. However, if you don’t maintain this preseasoning, you’ll have to reapply a new coat.

    Seasoning cast iron is a very simple process, the instructions that follow apply to any piece of cast iron cookware needing seasoned. First, heat the oven to 400 degrees, then, using your hands, coat the iron pan inside and out, including the handle, with SOLID SHORTENING ONLY, such as Crisco(not butter flavored), or even lard. Then bake it, upside down, on the upper oven rack for an hour. Line the ovens bottom rack with alumnium foil and you’ll catch the drippings that fall as the shortening melts and gets absorbed by the iron. Then allow the pan to cool before attempting to handle it again. If your oven has a hooded fan, you will want to run it to remove the fumes and odors caused by the melting shortening. That’s all there is to it. You can also do this process outside in a gas grill, or even a charcoal grill so long as it has a cover. Afterward, you will want to fry fatty foods such as bacon, fried chicken, or fish in your newly seasoned pan, as these types of oily foods help to reinforce the new seasoning you’ve just applied. After a round of frying bacon or chicken, your skillet will be ready for virtually anything else you want to cook in it.

    This skillet will quickly become the most frequently used pan in your kitchen, and that’s a good thing because the more you use it, the more seasoning you’re actually applying to the iron. Some have complained that they have lost a small area of the seasoning in their pan, and have had to remove the rest of the seasoning by hand before reapplying the Chriso and baking process. Actually, you can follow the steps above and be just fine. If, for some reason though, you have to remove all the seasoning, simply put the pan upside down in the oven and run the oven through the cleaning cycle once, then allow the oven and pan to cool. The skillet will come out like the day it was made, but you must wash, dry, and reseason it right then and there. Doing so will prevent rust, which is one of the few real dangers to cast iron. Two other dangers include, never adding or running cold water into a hot iron skillet or Dutch Oven because the sudden temperature change will cause the pan to crack. And finally, NEVER, under any circumstances, wash a cast iron pan in a dishwasher. Dishwasher soap is strong enough to remove even the oldest seasoning and the steamy, humid environment created during the drying cycle will then cause the pan to rust.

    Clean all cast iron pieces by hand with hot water and a stiff bristled brush, NO SOAP EVER, and then dry the piece right after washing using a paper towel. You can then apply a very light shot of cooking spray, inside and out, to protect the pans seasoning; paper towels are helpful in spreading the spray over the pans entire surface. I realize this has been a rather long review, but I hope the various instructions listed above are helpful to first time buyers/users of cast iron cookware.

    Finally, for first time buyers, I recommend purchasing the Lodge Preseasoned 3 skillet set which includes a 6″, 8″, and a 10″ skillet, in addition to this 12 inch pan. Together, whether cooking in the kitchen or over an open fire while camping, these 4 skillets will give you the versatility of cooking for one person or the entire family. You will also want to get a Lodge Preseasoned Iron Lid and a regular splatter screen for this skillet because they raise the potential uses of the pan even more. I’ve used cast iron for years, and it really is the way to go. If you consider the cost of other types of cookware, and how long it will last when compared to cast iron, you really can’t go wrong with purchasing 3 or 4 pieces for your everyday use. Remember too, that your kids, and their kids in turn, will be using these pans long after you’re gone. With a probable service life of more than one hundred years, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

  5. Ash Patel says:

    Review by Ash Patel for Lodge Logic L10SK3 12-Inch Pre-Seasoned Skillet
    Here’s the deal, this pan is awesome, if you keep it on your stove. Its too easy to use your typical non-stick pans when making eggs/grilled cheese etc. At first, I used this pan only for blackening, once you get it properly seasoned over time, you will use it for everything. Its cheap, you can throw it on the grill or in the oven, even over a fire. You will have this forever

    Cleaning—-OK, I’ve done the most research on this subject. I just wasn’t comfortable not thoroughly cleaning this product after use. Now I do exactly what Lodge recommends. Stiff brush, hot water. No soap! Trust me on this. After you wash it, throw it on the stove on low heat. This will evaporate any water that is left on it. After that, leave it on the stove, you are done. The more you use it, the less oil you will have to use each time. Don’t make the mistake I made in the beginning, by using a scraper and a scouring pad. Start out with this cast iron peice. It is versatile and if you like it you can expand your collection

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