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This is a 1 Troy Ounce bar of Pan American .999 PURE silver. Silver is an excellent investment (if it’s pure) because no matter how much value the American dollar loses, silver will hold its value as precious and desired commodity. You can no longer buy these from Northwest Territorial Mint without waiting FIVE months for your orders to process. That’s right: FIVE months. Bullion silver is in such incredibly high demand now because of the recession, and inflation fears, that there is a worldwide shortage. So far, it is only a distribution shortage, not a production shortage, so the price hasn’t yet risen to where experts predict it will.

Application: 3-1/2″ & 4″ Round Pan Boxes are used on walls and ceilings when an installer needs an electrical box surface mounted on the face of the stud. These boxes come in 1/4″, 1/2″, & 3/4″ depths to accommodate various finished wall surfaces. These boxes are also offered with 1/2″ conduit knockouts and NM clamps to accommodate nonmetallic sheathed cable installs. Advantages: Garvin Industries’ ceiling pans have a shallow depth that allows boxes to be surface mounted directly on studs. Their versatile combination head 8-32 screw can securely fasten fixtures to electrical junction boxes using a slotted, Phillips, or Robertson head screwdriver. Full list of Garvin Industries’ 3-1/2″ & 4″ Round Pan Boxes:
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