Inexpensive True Induction Cooktop- Double Burner- Energy Efficient S2F2

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  • Overheating sensors recognize when no cookware is present and turns off.
  • Overflow sensors detect food boiling over and turns off unit.
  • Timer function & exact temperature setting for precise cooking
  • Melt chocolate /confectionaries without a double boiler
  • Comes with a 2 year Warranty!

Have True Confidence in True Induction Try induction cooking today risk-free for 60 days! (See Image For More Information)

True Induction is energy efficient portable induction cooking that offers the prefect union of sleek design and advanced technology. With quick response times, even heating and instant heat adjustments-True Induction offers a state of the art cooking experience while being the pinnacle of safety. Induction cook tops have been an upgrade feature for many high end homes due to their streamlined appearance and impressive functionality. Now, utilizing the same induction technology TRUE Induction offers portable units for a fraction of the built in cook top price. Available in both single and double units, these portable cookers are not old style “hot plates” but are electromagnet cooking vessels that quickly and evenly heat food with minimal energy output. Compared to electric and gas, induction cooking is far superior because the heat transfer is direct and instant.

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