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Skillet’s third release, Invincible, has the sort of momentum that pulls the listener’s thoughts and emotions into it. Both the lyrics and music have a hard-hitting quality that plays off the other to create a no-nonsense production. Keeping in step with the electronic age, there is a heavy techno influence; buzzes and whirls often create what sounds like a musical Morse code. But, like a sledgehammer, the undulating drum loops, rolling bass lines, and chunky guitar patches drive this music forward. In addition to the intensity of the music, the lyrics pull no punches about the truths that they carry. Unfettered by compromise, straightforward messages announce the power and wonder of God’s nature. As well, a believing response is presented in its most radical form. At times, the vocal inflections display an aggressive passion for Christ. Other songs revisit the pop euphoria of new-wave music. During the ballads, a more worshipful flavor emerges as lead singer John L. Cooper shares an i

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