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  • Simple one button clean mode, lithium ion battery technology
  • Four-stage auger uses a 4stage cleaning process to dislodge and remove gutter debris
  • The looj 330 reduces repeated ladder climbing and overreaching from dangerous heights to make gutter cleaning a safer task
  • Low profile design more compact than previous looj models, now at just under 2-Inch high and 3-Inch wide
  • Customizable looj includes 2 sizes of auger ejectors, large and small
  • Low Profile Design more compact than previous Looj models, now at just under 2-inch high and 3 inches wide

It’s important to keep roof gutters clean and debris-free for a variety of reasons, such as safety and appearance, but to do so can be time consuming and dangerous. Here with a safe and simple solution to clearing dirty gutters is the Looj 330 Gutter Cleaning Robot from iRobot. This robotic gutter cleaner eliminates the need for continuous trips up and down the ladder as you spend a countless amount of time making your way from one section of the gutter to the next. The Looj works by simply placing it in the gutter, removing the detachable handle and selecting automatic or manual cleaning mode. In automatic cleaning mode it will move on its own down the gutter and return to the user after it’s finished. In manual mode the user will use the detachable handle as a remote control to steer the Looj down the gutter and back, while also having the ability to control the spin direction of the auger. When using the remote control in manual mode users will have a 50 foot communication range bet

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