Lodge Logic Serving Pot with Iron Cover

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  • Seasoned ready to use

This seasoned and ready to use 2 qt serving pot with loop handles and iron cover is perfect for oven to table presentations of soups, stews, beans and family favorites. 8″ diameter, 2-7/8″ deepThere are lots of fancy cookware materials out there but cast iron still trumps them all with its even heating, heat retention, price, and duration. It’s these traits that make Lodge cookware favored by both indoor chefs and campfire cooks alike. The caveat is being able to lift cast iron cookware and, at 8 pounds, this serving pot will give most chefs a workout. The pot measures 8 inches in diameter and 2-7/8 inches deep and comes with a matching 8-inch iron cover. The pot arrives ready to simmer up to 2 quarts of baked beans, soup, or stew and goes right from stovetop to tabletop for serving. While it usually takes years of cooking to burn on the prized finish that makes cast-iron cookware smooth and stick-free, the Logic line of cookware comes pre-seasoned to save you some work. Cast iron p

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