Nordic Ware Banana Bread Pan

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  • Your delicious banana bread is a work of art
  • Cast aluminum pan bakes a beautiful loaf detailed with a tropical theme
  • Heat reflective exterior ensures uniform browning
  • Non-stick surface for easy release, easy cleanup
  • Made in America

Go Bananas with this fun loaf pan. Give your banana bread a tropical twist. Set yourself apart from the crowd and make your Banana Nut Bread something special! This pan adds a fun design of bananas and banana trees to your loaf. Your bread will taste even better when it looks this great! Pan is perfect for quick breads, pound cakes, molded salads, desserts and more!

See how to shape this no-knead bread, creating a gluten cloak by letting the bread dough fall through your hands. Linda Watson of Cook for Good shows you how to make healthy, delicious bread with the Good Whisk Bread and Whisk Sandwich Bread recipes on Fast, healthy, and cheap!

Old Fashion Bread Recipe

Old Fashion Bread Recipe

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Home Page > Food and Beverage > Recipes > Old Fashion Bread Recipe

Old Fashion Bread Recipe

Posted: Feb 22, 2011 |Comments: 0

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