Pan Am Vintage-Style Round Wash Bag

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Pan Am Vintage-Style Round Wash Bag. Pan Am represents a way of travel long since forgotten: a time when the journey was anticipated as much as the destination. With Pan Am, “getting there” always meant unmatched civility pooled with the pinnacle of cool. Today, nothing better represents the Pan Am experience than the Pan Am bag. When Pan Am introduced the world to the jet age, the Pan Am bag was seen as more than just a carry on; it was a proudly carried symbol that represented a once in a lifetime experience. With a Pan Am bag, people not only carried it, they wore it proudly. The Originals Collection pays homage to these classic icons of culture. This cute as a button bag is loaded with pizzazz and can hold all your TSA approved containers! It’s the ultimate Pan Am wash bag/Make-up bag to place all your tiny TSA regulation size containers, as well as, your other personal items in. Outer shell constructed of durable PU Printed cotton/nylon lining Embossed Pan Am logo Brushed nickel h

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