The Forgotten Rebels of Eureka

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“A wonderful book. At last an Australian foundation story where women are not only found, but are found to have played a fundamental role.”—Chris Masters”Brilliantly researched and fun to read.”—Brenda Niall”Fascinating revelations. Beautifully told.”—Peter FitzSimons”Immediately entrancing.”—The Guardian”Lively, incisive and timely. . . . This excellent book . . . links the actions of its heroines to the later fight for female suffrage, and will be of strong relevance to a contemporary female audience.”—Books + PublishingIn December 1854 the community at Ballarat in Victoria’s goldfields erupted in violence. The mining community took up arms to protest unfair taxes imposed by a disorganized and greedy colonial government. The rebellion at Eureka Stockade is often viewed as the launch of democracy in Australia, and is typically seen as an act of masculine revolt.Internationally renowned historian Clare Wright has spent her career writing women back into the history pages. For

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