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Things Cooks Love is a true celebration of food–more than 300 pages packed with wonderful recipes from around the world plus tips, techniques and in-depth looks at ingredients, tools, cookware and more. From selecting the perfect chef’s knife to preparing Cornish hens al mattone, if you love to cook, this book will become the cornerstone of your global kitchen. A sampling of recipes you’ll find in the book:* Pizza with Radicchio, Pears, Gorgonzola, and Walnuts* Chicken, Shrimp and Chorizo Paella* Lamb Tagine with Artichoke Hearts, Dried Apricots and Preserved Lemons* Many, many more…Highlights include:Equipping your KitchenCooks know having fun in the kitchen depends on having the right tool for every task. Things Cooks Love opens with comprehensive lists of basic cookware and tools. It’s an ideal reference for equipping your kitchen, expanding your collection or simply learning more about the tools you already have.The Global KitchenAn ultimate wish list for the passionate cook, Th

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5 Responses to “Things Cooks Love: Implements, Ingredients, Recipes”

  1. fair_deal_guy says:

    Review by fair_deal_guy for Things Cooks Love: Implements, Ingredients, Recipes
    This is a very pretty book, and it certainly provides a nice overview of cooks tools–but be forewarned that it looks and feels more like a product catalog than a top-shelf cookbook. Yes, there are sexy pics of the equipment, a little (sometimes very little) informative text about how to use and care for the equipment, and recipes related to the kind of hardware being discussed. And while I appreciated the breadth of the material, the author covers so much ground that depth is seriously lacking. In sum, I found the book to be slight, vaguely corporate in tone (read: the author’s voice is indistinct), and generally unsatisfying–especially given the relatively high asking price. This is one of those titles that demand a thorough examination of the “Search Inside” feature at Amazon to decide for yourself if the book is worth the price.

    This one gets four stars for ambition, but only two stars for execution.

  2. Julie says:

    Review by Julie for Things Cooks Love: Implements, Ingredients, Recipes
    I really enjoyed this book. It was so much more than pretty pictures like most of the cookbooks today. It was informative and helpful. It made me want to get out some of my more esoteric pieces of cookware (like the cataplana and my Pomme Anna Pan)that I haven’t touched in years and redisover them. Sur La Table is one of my favorite places to go to in Seattle and the book captured that wonderful feeling of visiting the store. It would make a very special gift for a cook in your life.

  3. S. Campbell says:

    Review by S. Campbell for Things Cooks Love: Implements, Ingredients, Recipes
    I’m big on great photos and lots of background and information on recipes or cooking equipment and this book fit the bill. While I would have enjoyed a few more recipes – the information was great and made this book good for me.

  4. C. Burdick says:

    Review by C. Burdick for Things Cooks Love: Implements, Ingredients, Recipes
    This really is a hardcover version of the catalog. Burt Wolf’s “The New Cook’s Catalogue” is a better bet, even if it was published back in 2000. Even “Pierre Franey’s Kitchen,” though compact and from 1982, is more thorough and useful when it comes to talking about the gear you need and lust for in the kitchen. FYI–Sur La Table’s knife book is not much better. Again, see Wolf and Franey.

  5. Lizzie says:

    Review by Lizzie for Things Cooks Love: Implements, Ingredients, Recipes
    This is a really helpful cookbook which describes cooking implements as well as ingredients both for common and global kitchens. I think it is a must-have for the beginning cook as well as for a more experienced person in the kitchen. The photos are spectacular! A piece of cookware is explained, alternatives are given and then several recipes are included for each. Tips for use are included as well. There are also explanations for ingredients used in cooking around the globe too. This would make a great shower gift for the bride to be as well as a wonderful gift for the cook or want-to-be cook in your life. Get one for yourself while you are at it. You won’t regret it!

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