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These are the classic shapes every baker needs. Convenient graduated-size sets to help create fabulous tiered cakes in exactly the size you want. Quality aluminum holds its shape for years. Each pan is 2 inches deep except where noted. Set includes 6, 8, 10, 12 in. pans

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Make Someone Feel Special Using Specialty Cake Pans

Specialty cake pans are extraordinary varieties of cake pans that come in various materials, sizes and shapes. These pans are made from more advanced materials; metal and silicone are some examples, which make it easy to bake cakes in with unique designs and to remove the cake from the molder. Most of these cake pans are made of non-stick surface to easily take out the cake but it is still advisable to make use of flour, baking spray or baking oil before baking cakes in order to guarantee easiness of removal from these specialty cake pans.

These specialty cake pans can be classified in three different categories: the shaped pans, the character pans and the three dimensional pans. Shaped pans are mostly popular for birthday celebrations wherein the celebrants’ specially-made cakes characterize their interests or hobbies. The most popular shaped pans made for the celebrators are shapes of animals, cars, diamonds, sneakers, basketball balls, stilettos, triangles, ovals, and sometimes even different sorts of fruits and vegetables. The second category is the character pans which are most popular with children belonging to very young ages. Often, children

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5 Responses to “Wilton Performance Cake Pans Round Pan Set low price”

  1. A. Lane says:

    Review by A. Lane for Wilton Performance Cake Pans Round Pan Set
    For some reason I expected these cake pans to be heavier, but they are aluminum and very lightweight. They scratch relatively easily. The cakes baked up well and the variety of sizes was very helpful. Shipping was fast. I didn’t use the special baking coil in the center of the 10″, but it didn’t matter, it baked up just fine. I didn’t try out the 12″ yet. It was very helpful to have the number of cups needed for each pan plainly described on the packaging.

  2. Lynn Chouinard says:

    Review by Lynn Chouinard for Wilton Performance Cake Pans Round Pan Set
    thank you for this wonderful product. Very happy – not disappointed.

    Sincerely Lynn

  3. Amber Kurtz says:

    Review by Amber Kurtz for Wilton Performance Cake Pans Round Pan Set
    The pans worked GREAT for me! They were incredibly light, unbelievably non-stick, and durable! My cake recipe may have failed me a trial or two, but the pans did great! I made a wedding cake for my sister’s wedding and everyone loved it, it was a great success. They held up so much better than my other cake pans, the size increments worked out perfect, and with a set of 4 there are so many options. Definitely a satisfied customer! I would expect no less from Wilton.

  4. Kristen A. Wong says:

    Review by Kristen A. Wong for Wilton Performance Cake Pans Round Pan Set
    After taking the Wilton cakes, I can’t imagine living without this set. I use it all the time as a fast and easy way to tort cakes with yummy fillings. It’s easy to slide cakes out of with a little Pam, easy to clean and always bakes well!

  5. Loralei says:

    Review by Loralei for Wilton Performance Cake Pans Round Pan Set
    I bought them to make my first wedding cake. Easy to clean…I also felt that they cooled a bit faster that other pans that I’ve used in the past…

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